What is Emarat Coin?

Open Source Superior Distributed Decentralized Ledger Technology

with an open ledger known as the blockchain v2, capable of organizing all your financial assets using the world’s most secure & reliable blockchain technology

Emarat Coin (AEC) is the first consumer-oriented innovative cryptocurrency on blockchain technology launched in United Arab Emirates by the group of successful financial experts and investors. The purpose of EmaratCoin is to serve as a digital-age payment system.

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Competitive Advantage

A decentralized Blockchain Technology which is 100x powerful than bitcoin, specially formulated on Scrypt Hybrid (PoS & PoW) Algorithm that allows to earn more through trading & staking/minting

Blockchain V2 Technology

World’s 100x faster, powerful, secure & cheaper blockchain technology

Innovative Proof of Stake

Creator of a new block is chosen in a pseudo-random way depending on the user’s wealth

Consumer Oriented Asset

First consumer-oriented innovative asset on blockchain technology launched in UAE


Specifications & Features

The moment you acquire EmaratCoin (AEC), it becomes interest bearing asset with up to 12% return per year through PoS minting technology. All you have to do to earn with this method is to hold coins in your EmaratCoin-QT Wallet.


Scrypt Hybrid (PoS & PoW)


SDDL Technology

Total Coin Supply

84 Million AEC

Circulation Supply

21600839 AEC

Yearly Interest Rate

12% (Proof of Stake)

Minimum Staking Age

8 hours (No Maximum)


Project Funds Allocation

Sale Proceed Allocation


The Timeline

With help from our teams, contributors and investors these are the milestones we are looking forward to achieve.

Stake You Coins to Our


Experience the powerful storage, minting and transfer capabilities of EmaratCoin’s official wallets. Lets be a part of Redistribution of wealth using the power of EmaratCoin’s powerful blockchain technology

Our products are empowering and enabling mainstream adoption of Digital Blockchain Decentralization. The EmaratCoin’s GUI wallets are used to securely store your EmaratCoin AEC, and is what you will use to check your EmaratCoin AEC balance and send and receive EmaratCoin AEC. The job of the EmaratCoin’s daemon is to communicate with the network to notify you of new transactions.

  • Emarat Eco System
  • Digital Asset Exchange
  • Consumer Oriented Currency
  • Proof of Stake Growth
  • Interbank Transfer Protocols

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Meet Our Leading Team

We have a dedicated team of blockchain enthusiasts who support the EmaratCoin community in promoting the advantages of the blockchain technology.

Noman Chaudhry
CEO & Founder
Airil Chong
Marketing Manager
Kiran Chishti
Marketing Manager
Kamran Chohan
Financial Analyst
Adnan Ali
Motion Designer
M Ibrahim Rizvi
Support Manager
Mohammed Ali
Co-Founder & Director
Sri Taufik
Marketing Manager
Nikolay Slobodyanyuk
Brand Consultant
Sulman Chaudhry
Support Manager
Brand Manager
Dato' Tiong
Regional Director
Albert New
Marketing Manager
Ms Rachel
Legal Advisor
Richard Tai
Marketing Manager
Sujeeth Goud
Social Media Coordinator
Muhammad Akmal
Support Manager
Iqra Hameed
Business Manager
Marcus Tan
Community Manager
Sarwan Abdul Ghaffar
GUI Designer
Amin Nagani
Marketing Coordinator
Hazli Husain
Marketing Manager
Malik Asim
Content Writer

The Advisory board

Sajjad Madni
Sharia Advisor
Abid Chaudhry
Board Advisor
Datu Kashif Riaz
Blockchain Advisor
Mr. X
Chief Advisor

Frequently Asked Questions

Below we’ve provided a bit of EmaratCoin. If you have any other questions, please get in touch using the contact form below.

What is the Emarat Coin (AEC)?

The Emarat Coin provides currencies, equities, commodities and other financial assets and instruments as Superior Distributed Decentralized Ledger Blockchain Technology. Emarat Coin is the most successful attempt so far to create such a currency.

What is the Purpose of Emarat Coin?

The purpose of EmaratCoin is to serve as a digital-age payment system. People will be able to pay through Emarat Coin in the local markets as well.

How Secure it is?

The system as a whole cannot be hacked. It's a decentralized system using Superior Distributed Decentralized Ledger Blockchain Technology which is 100x powerful than bitcoin.

What is the Future of Emarat Coin?

Emarat Coin is in a similar position as Bitcoin was in 2010 or so but today world is changed. EmaratCoin is the future of decentralized economy of world specially Middle East & Asia.

How to acquire EmaratCoin AEC?

You can buy AEC from participating online exchanges/markets with another cryptocurrency. We put together a list of exchanges supporting EmaratCoin trades at launch here but these are just a few, many more that have come into existence.

How to trade Emarat Coin?

Emarat Coin does not trade at a fixed relationship to any other currency. It is designed to be a floating currency that competes with all others. But you can trade (Buy/Sell) it at any trading partner exchange

Where I can trade AEC?

You can Buy / Sell at TradeSatoshi.com, Cryptohub.online, Octaex.com More exchanges are coming very soon

Can we keep AEC in exchanges wallets?

Yes, you can keep/send/receive your EmaratCoins to our official trading partner exchanges along with our official wallets.

How to install EmaratCoin Wallets?

There are already a variety of third-party options for storing and sending AEC, in addition to the officially supported main wallets. Official wallets supports Staking option as well.

Are there plans for a mobile & web wallet?

Desktop wallets are already completed and launched, Currently we are focusing on branching out to other potential platforms.

Who controls Emarat Coin?

No politician invented Emarat Coin, No commision approved it. No central bank controls it. It has absolutely no political and bureaucratic vacuum. Its success or failure depends entirely on the market. It is not even owned or controlled by a single corporation.

Is there going to be a bounty list?

Yes, we have a confirmed list of bounties with a specified budget to be released very soon!

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